I'm Mike Aubrey. I'm a linguist and photographer living in Bellingham, Washington.

When I'm not doing things with words, I'm doing things with pictures. I enjoy documenting the life and character of towns and cities across America, but I have also spent the past few years working on transitioning at least part of my photographic efforts toward event photography.

Since 2012 I have shot weddings, concerts, baby announcements, and engagement sessions. In 2015, I was the band photographer for a local band in western Illinois—the concerts that I shot for them are included in my portfolio here.

I love telling stories with images. I love visiting cities and documenting their character, but it's the people, especially who bring cities and towns to life, so whenever I have the amazing opportunity to photograph individuals or couples at important point in their own story, I jump at the chance!

I create images with both modern digital cameras and lenses, but also with traditional black and white film large format cameras ranging in size from 4x5 to 11x14. Traditional film photography brings a meaningful tactile intimacy to the process of producing a photograph that is both unique and satisfying.

I would love to tell your story with images, both digitally and with traditional film, whether it is an engagement, wedding, concert, or even simply portraiture.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss your own special day or event:
You can contact me online at: Or via Facebook at:
Mike Aubrey Photography

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